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Påvel carpenter’s alley


SEs Landscape, Sofia Eskildotter

Vasakronan, Margareta Fransson, Sara Rääf

Plant design:
Korns Trädgårdar, Peter Korn

Lighting design:
WSP, Mikaela Pärsdotter-Andersson

Birnee, Per Lundström


Written about the project;
Article on Gooood.hk in English

With temperatures from + 30 ° C in summer to -30 ° C in winter, this green facade from 100% mineral, was designed to deliver vegetation all year round. Butong was chosen to enhance the overall impression during the cold season.

The panel is transparent and backlit. Backlit panels give a quality to the dark season when you can not expect much greenery on a wall in Sweden.
Plants were selected, grown and planted by plant expert Peter Korn. All selected plants are spread by root shoots, so that the growth will expand naturally. In addition, all plants have long periods of flowering or are evergreens, resulting in 9-10 months / year of flowering, of at least one species in the wall.

Each panel has a smooth 3D shape to mimic the archipelago’s rocks. The idea is based on the fact that a nature-like appearance creates a greater understanding of a more random plant cover. The red copper color of the panels was chosen to create a pleasant contrast to the greenery of the plants, it contributes to the 3D shape being experienced naturally and allows regularly barren parts.

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